Ben Lancken

Looking for a speaker for your next event?

I am a regular speaker on the topics of Customer Experience, Learning & Development, Change & Leadership. I am always on the look out for opportunities to engage with the thought leadership community to share ideas and spark conversations on the things that matter. If you're looking for a speaker or panelist for a conference or event, let's talk!



The absence of women at public professional forums is a problem. Because speakers are usually male, audiences are given a narrow perspective. The lack of diversity limits the quality of the conversation and potential outcomes. Moreover, when visible role models are male, the absence of women perpetuates absence of women. Fewer women choose to speak, and fewer are chosen. Without the opportunity for women to serve on panels as thought leaders, women lack profile-building speaking opportunities, an important contributor to experience and recognition.

I am committed to calling out imbalances and pushing for an improvement in gender diversity. I have taken the Panel Pledge and whenever invited to be involved in a panel or conference, I will inquire about the organiser’s efforts to ensure women leaders are represented. If there is a lack of female panelists or speakers, I would be happy to recommend some great female speakers to take my place.

Conferences and panels provide a platform to share experiences and perspectives. When you limit the range of perspectives, you limit the quality of the conversation. Let’s work together to improve gender balance in important debates and public discussion, which is good for women, good for men and good for business.