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Xventure 100 Leaders

Xventure's 100 Leaders is the largest leadership project of its kind globally.  It was developed out of the notion that leadership all around us. It's about people from all walks of life leading, inspiring and guiding others. I was lucky to participate in the project as one of the 100 leaders featured in video interviews and the 100 Leaders app.



Inspired by sport’s history of being an agent for social change, I founded the Melbourne Chargers RUFC in 2009 as Victoria’s truly inclusive rugby club with the primary aim of creating prejudice free rugby environment for members of the GLBTI community. Along the way to achieving this goal, the Melbourne Chargers have broken down barriers and challenged stereotypes, not just on the rugby field as the 2016 Bingham Cup Champions but also in the wider sporting community and beyond. Since 2009 the club has grown into something much larger than we had ever anticipated, teaching me that movements are not about the people who lead them and everything about the people who join them.