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The race for relevance: How hotels can stay relevant in a new economic paradigm

Regardless of the location or category, hotels are struggling with the same thing – establishing and maintaining relevance.

We now live in a world where people are choosing to stay in a stranger’s spare room over booking a hotel. Where once people would aspire to meet, do business and get married at hotels, people are now taking their meeting and event business elsewhere. Where once the best chefs and finest cuisines where found in hotels, discerning diners now view hotel dining as stiff, over-priced and bland, certainly not worthy of their Instagram feeds.

Hotels are experiencing a crisis of identity. As star ratings become less relevant, and with hotel categories become increasingly blurred, it is becoming tougher for us to deliver a clear value proposition to our guests — a reason to choose our hotels over an alternative. Hotel rooms have been commoditised, forcing us to compete on price and leaving us beholden to the digital behemoths who have essentially stolen our customers and are now selling them back to us at a premium.

So how can hotels reclaim their relevance, reestablish their place in their cities & and better serve their communities?

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