Hey, I’m Ben Lancken

I believe that we can forge a future wherein everyone wakes up each morning feeling excited to go to work and returns home feeling truly fulfilled. Together, we can cure the epidemic of disengagement that plagues the modern workplace and build organisations that enable people to strive and thrive - not just survive.


About Me

Welcome to what is perhaps the most awkward section of one’s website, wherein one talks of one’s self in a covert attempt to convince you of one’s character and worth (whilst pretending not to).


I’m a hotelier turned organisational development professional with a passion for building high performance, customer-obsessed cultures and great places to work. I lead large-scale, cross-functional change & transformation programs and projects to create high performance cultures that place people at their heart.

I often speak at conferences and the like on such topics. Sometime I write articles & essays.

Speaking of speaking, I’ve also spent some time training as a Radio Presenter & Producer and volunteering on community radio. I’ve produced and presented a weekly sports radio show and anchored a number of outside broadcasts and live radio events, interviewing Olympic Gold Medalists, CEOs, Media Personalities & Politicians.

My weekend passion is Rugby Union. I’ve been involved in the game for as long as I can remember as a long-suffering Wallabies supporter and as a player, coach, referee and administrator. Back in 2009, I founded the Melbourne Chargers, Victoria’s first and only truly inclusive rugby club with the primary aim of creating a prejudice free rugby environment for members of the GLBTI community. Along the way to achieving this goal, the club has broken down barriers and challenged stereotypes, not just on the rugby field as the 2016 Bingham Cup Champions, but in the wider sporting community and beyond. 

I’ve lived and worked in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Berlin & Copenhagen and, since 2015, I’ve visited 65 cities in 20 countries amassing over 700 nights on the road.



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